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Gelish Nail Extentions by Harmony

Reveal the beauty of your nails with Gelish Nail Extensions. Cherish the elegance with thin natural looking nails perfect for everyday wear. Gelish nail extentions out preforms the competition and is versatile to wear for longer nail extentions, shorter nails or even toes. Gelish gels bond to the natural nail using a keratin bonding system without the use of harsh acids for extreme retention to the nail plate. Gelish gel system gives you beautiful, strong, attractive and natural looking nails with less damage to the natural nail than any other nail extensions.

Full Set Of Nails

Price from £35.50

Gelish Gel Polish by Harmony

Gelish Gel Polish applies like a nail varnish and are cured cured like gels using a UV lamp. Gelish polish comes in an array of colours and stays on the nails for weeks and toes even longer with no chipping or peeling.

Price £12.50


Jessica Nails

Jessica Cosmetics is considered the world’s leading authority on natural nail care, with a range of Jessica nail products to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails.

Jessica Nails was started in the 1970s by Jessica Vartoughian, who, after opening nail salons in America which attracted celebrities and referrals, developed her range of Jessica nail products, which has now grown to be a worldwide nailcare brand.

Movie stars, models and VIPs regularly have their nails manicured at the renowned Jessica Clinic on Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles, as well as being avid users of the Jessica Nail products.

Jessica manicures & pedicures

Jessica manicures and pedicures are engineered to cultivate your natural nails.

Express Manicure

Nails shaped and tided with a splash of colour.

Price £9.00

Standard Manicure

A manicure engineered to culivate the natural nail! Treat and boost your nails with this fabulous treatment.

Price £14.50

With Gel Vainish £19.50 

Luxury Manicure

This manicure is pure luxury that gives your hands and nails the ultimate boost.

Price £20.50

With Gel Vainish £25.50 

Express Pedicure

Nails trimmed and tided with a splash of colour.

Price £9.50

Standard Pedicure

A special treat for tired and achy feet! Let them reap the benefits of Jessica's Aromatherapy pedicure.

Price £19.50

With Gel Vainish £24.50 

luxury Pedicure

Put the spring back into your step. Cocoon your feet in Jessica's foot preparations that contain beneficial herbs and essential oils. The ultimate in foot care.

Price £25.50

With Gel Vainish £29.50

Gelish / Cuccio gel varnish £12.00

Gel Varnish lasts upto 14 days on finger nails and even longer on toe while keeping it's high gloss.

Nail art 50p per nail



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